Monday, October 13, 2014


I kick my therapist in the balls, because he said I have a problem with vengeance.

I didn't punch him with the right because I was enraged, I did it because I was carrying some groceries in the left".

I went to the police station and I said, ''I want to report a violent person'', the police said ''Put that gun down!''.

Enraged???? I am not fuc@#ng enraged. Just because I punch them in the vaginas and hit them in their tetties does it means that I have anger issues. Misogynistic issues on the other hand...

The initial post

I smelled it sometimes. I do, what can I say, I shouldn't, but I've done it. What is worth it? Hmm, maybe. Here is my point, I sorta like it. Not at first, of course! That would've been very perturbing. But after a couple quick whiffs I was curious about it. Does it smell better after a run? after a shower? why the smell can be different depending in how deep I go. Can I smell it after my hands are washed? Does it linger when I rub my hands all over my young special friend and when my buddy goes home and his mom (yes, he is still at his mother's) goes crazy because of "that terrible smell", and the crazy nut she is humiliates him, forcing him to bathe, while she witnesses and out of desperation he doesn't know what to do, but cry. Does he knows I was the origin of that smell?... the worst part is that now, it is not enough to smell it alone. No. That little accident with my friend carrying that smell, my smell in him, that's just the beginning. I am planning. Conniving. Next week, we have a small something where all my buddies will be together. it's in the morning and we will be guarded, but who cares, I am doing it. I will make sure, all the other kids playing with me in the daycare, smell like shit.